Founded in 1966, KING Outdoor has been providing innovative outdoor advertising solutions for over 45 years. Current CEO and President Jerry Frank joined the company in 1968 as a bookkeeper and salesperson, learning the ropes of the business from the ground level. In 1987, Jerry purchased KING Outdoor and began focusing on the company's expansion throughout Northeast Pennsylvania.

Since that time, KING Outdoor has tripled in size, making it one of the area's largest and most premier outdoor advertising companies. With a mix of static and high-resolution digital billboards, KING Outdoor offers its customers the opportunity to promote their businesses in prime advertising locations throughout the county. Its growth is due to a keen understanding of the customer's needs, mixed with the ability to offer ideal locations for high-density consumer exposure.

In an age where consumers can change the channel or fast-forward through commercials, billboard advertising stands alone in offering advertising that is unavoidable. KING Outdoor exists to provide its customers the unique advantage of impossible-to-miss advertising in a time when capturing the attention of consumers is growing ever more difficult.

As a NEPA family-owned business, KING Outdoor believes in this area and the success of its communities," says Jerry Frank. "We at KING Outdoor pride ourselves on personal attention and tailored service to fit the needs of each one of our advertisers. Our clients' success is our top priority, because in helping you succeed, we help our community become a better place in which to live, work, and do business."

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"We have the option of dealing with many other companies, but KING Outdoor Advertising has always shown a level of professionalism and that "personal touch" to ensure our campaigns are a success.​"

Joe Simrell

Senior Media Specialist/
Executive Assistant
Dan Simrell Advertising