Choose KING because of our commitment to the integrity of our client's business. Our family works side by side with our customers, using our experience and industry knowledge to insure all their needs are exceeded.

"Since getting our billboard we have seen our name recognition grow exponentially. Their pricing is more than competitive to say the least. If you are considering a billboard, we highly recommend KING Outdoor to any and all businesses looking to make the jump."

Jamie Vullo
General Manager , Vullo Motors, Inc.



  • Studies have shown Americans are driving more today than ever before...
  • Most cost effective media outlet, lowest cost-per-thousand than any other advertising media.
  • Broad market reach. One billboard placed strategically is as effective as hundreds of newspaper and television ads running.
  • They Are Available Around the Clock. Outdoor is continuous exposure, it can't be turned off, torn out or thrown away... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Billboard ads are FREE to consumers, you don't have to have cable TV, buy a magazine or newspaper, or log on to the internet.

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"I feel we get great value from KING Outdoor and their service is outstanding - the flexibility of being able to change our message almost instantly makes their digital billboards far more impactful for our business."

Jason Motts
President , Abeloff Auto Group